Why Cortell Digital?

We are a full-service digital media company specializing in consumer news and broadcast content. We combine creative visual storytelling with our extensive expertise in digital marketing. Video content strategy is becoming essential to effectively engage your target audience and raise brand awareness.
Our digital content services include creative direction, production, post-
production, 2D and 3D animation. We produce award winning branded video content, corporate videos, explainer animations, testimonials, product videos, interviews, presentations, event coverage, training videos, and sizzle reels across various digital and broadcast media industries. With a unique and innovative approach to each project, we take steps to understand your company’s culture, identity, and position in the marketplace to produce engaging video content that is unique to your brand.
With unique and innovative approach to each project, we take steps to understand your corporate identity, culture, and position in the marketplace to produce engaging content that is unique to your brand’s image. We analyze marketing campaigns and aspirations to help construct a dynamic video content strategy to effectively optimize your use of video. Our work has transformed businesses into iconic brands, as well as helped already established Fortune 500 companies increase their brand awareness. Cortell Digital…Proven results!

For Three Decades we've produced award winning content in the following categories -



Branded Content

Long-Form Documentaries

Creative Ideas Across the Board

Our production company’s endeavours into various types of industries has allowed us the opportunity to expand on our creative direction ,as well as our overall understanding of video marketing strategies .This allows us to provide the best possible solution for your video marketing needs. As we develop video distribution strategies, we’ve been able to learn more about what works and bring those ideas and concepts to their industries.This grants us the ability to use innovative script writing to create compelling web videos, giving your company an edge over your industry competition.

Unique Range of Experience

When it comes to video content creation to convey your brand message, the tone and setting of your brand video can differ drastically based on your industry. Our production company’s experience with various clients – in various industries – has given us an advantage in creating effective videos and animation’s that helps brands engage with their target audience. After establishing relationships with a variety of businesses and brand’s we now have a range of experience in different fields that allow us to deliver a fresh perspective, with our unique and creative concepts, to all our clients.

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